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Ultra2 Panel System

AO2™ Compatible

Ultra2 Systems. OEM Compatible. Ultra2 is a classic monolithic panel system designed to stand alone and work in tandem with
Herman Miller® Action Office Series 2. Ultra2 Systems offers fabric and glass panels in varying heights with a 6″ raceway to meet
electrical and data needs. There are multiple worksurfaces, componants and accessories. Ultra2 is the ideal combination of value and

e5 Desking

More and more of today’s workplaces require a level of collaboration that panel systems just won’t allow. e5 delivers the space-saving footprint and expansive power capabilities of a panel solution in an environment that promotes interaction, without the isolating walls. Easy-to-Power features include Technology Beltways and a variety of 8-wire/4-circuit Power Kits that will accommodate even the most tech-intensive environments.

Exciting sleek lines and a wide open architecture make the OS Laminate Encore Series an exhilarating addition to the contemporary workspace. Designed to be used in conjunction with our OS Laminate Series and our Borders Panels Collection, OS Encore can be pieced together to create the configuration that works best for you. Easy to configure, easy to move and superior in construction, OS Encore ensures years of trouble free use. (1) – PLTCRS71(Crescent Top) (4) – PLTLEGP (Post Leg) (1) – PLTAP1548S (Acrylic Modesty Panel) (1) – PLTSBUDMSGLSI (Under Desk Mount Bracket) (1) – PL143(Crendeza Shell) (1) – PL144OH (Open Hutch) (2) – PL44SGD (Hutch Doors) (1) – PL148 (B/B/F Ped) (1) – PL149(F/F Ped) Finishes/Colors: Cherry, Espresso, Honey, Mahogany, Modern Walnut, Maple

Elements Plus Collection

The Elements Plus Collection includes all the features of the Elements Collection, complemented with several enhanced storage options. A simple, sleek design combined with a contemporary look, all at an affordable price. Comes in many different configurations that allow you to design an office space that is truly unique. Available in a heavy duty steel frame with your choice of U-leg, A-leg or O-leg.

Includes: Desk Top, Beam, U-Leg and Riser. Must be used with corresponding Storage Unit

Model No. PLT2460PE1 24″W x 60″L
Model No. PLT3060PE2 30″W x 60″L
Model No. PLT2472PE3 24″W x 72″L
Model No. PLT3072PE4 30″W x 72″L

Frosted Acylic Privacy Panel
Model No. PLTPSAS5424 54″W x 24″L
Model No. PLTPSAS6624 66″W x 24″L

Storage Units Must be used in conjunction with a top
Model No. PL1012 Lateral 35 1/2″W x 22″D x 22″H
Model No. PL1013 Storage Unit 35 1/2″W x 22″D x 22″H

Tops For Storage Units
Model No. PL110 71″W x 22″D

For two side-by-side storage units
Model No. PL109 35 1/2″W x 22″D

For one storage unit
Open Hutch
Model No. PL1044OH/PLTLPHS-27 Open Hutch 71″W x 15″D x 431/2″H
Model No. PL1044OH/PLTLPHS-20 Open Hutch 71″W x 15″D x 361/2″H
Model No. PL1044OH/PLTLPHS-14 Open Hutch 71″W x 15″D x 301/2″H

Doors For Open Hutch
Model No. 44LD Laminate Doors (set of 2)
Model No. 44SGD Frosted Glass Doors (Set of 2)


An innovative and economical panel system for today’s business. An economical furniture system, designed with a small office in mind. Designed to meet the needs of today’s small office environment, eO+ is aesthetically appealing, easy to specify, install and reconfigure, all at a surprisingly low cost. eO+ panels are lightweight but strong enough to support overhead storage components and panel mounted worksurfaces. A universal 2/3/4-way corner post together with a unique “Knuckle-loc” design provides the solid panel-to-panel connection for fast assembly and easy reconfiguring. Nothing from an eO+ panel needs to go to the landfill! The entire eO+ panel is recyclable at the end of its life. Worksurface cores are made from 100% recycled woodchips. The metal components consist of 30% recycled steel. These components combine with the eO+ “sustainable” panels to help conscientious buyers minimize their environmental footprint.


Kindle was designed to offer you an adaptable series to meet the needs of both open and private offices where design flexibility is a must. We wanted to give you a broad choice of materials and details along with modular and assembled product options that let you exercise your design muscles while providing ample storage and configuration options to meet nearly any budget. A broad selection of storage options that include standard and multi-face designs combined with multiple work surface depths make Kindle ideal for today’s smaller footprint.

Bridges II

Bridges allow you to connect the dots in different ways from tables to benching, desking to systems. Redefine how you connect and share. Bridges provide the tools for you to achieve so much more.

ZIRA with Divide

Turn a generic workspace into a fully functional, multiperson teaming environment by utilizing Zira components with Divide surface mounted panels. The use of Divide panels can provide visual privacy within the office environment, reduce sound levels and define work area.

Excluding Desk Accessories

Connect It Workstation

Connect it is a new look for the workplace that combines functionality with a contemporary style. This is a desking/benching system that can be used free standing or combined with our new segmented panel system. Free design and space planning available.

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